Girls' Volleyball Update

April 11, 2017

By: Mr. Griffiths

Here are some results from the Girls' Volleyball teams from their earlier tournaments which took place this semester.

The U13 Girls' Volleyball team showed real grit and determination to overcome sides from WISS and Wellington College during their second tournament together. The team was inspired by the YK Pao's team work and technical skills. They hope to emulate their play in the coming tournaments this year after some hard work on the practice court. Well done to Catalina from G6 who was awarded the trophy for the most sporting player of the day.

The Girls' U15 volleyball team faced tough competition from YK Pao, Harrow, and King Qiao among other schools. However they were lead excellently to the semifinals by Captain Dara Lesniak and Coach Clarke before losing out to KCIS. This team had a couple of players with phenomenal serves which made the difference for them throughout. Hopefully this will prove to be inspirational for our team to get out on the court and start trying to bridge the gap before the next event