Music News

May 22, 2017

By: Admin

Our Secondary school bands 'Ruby Rhythms' and 'Rusty Ruins' took part in the 5th Shanghai International School Band Competition. It took place in Bi Yun community and was organized in aid of the Shanghai Heart to Heart Special Foundation and Shanghai Philanthropic Foundation.

It was the first time for our two bands to give performances on such a large scale in front of a big crowd. Recently formed Rusty Ruins had a very short time to prepare and although nervous before hand as soon as they stepped on to the stage they came alive.

Both bands were praised by the judges with a special mention going to Grace Schenkel, the lead singer of 'Rusty Ruins', who was highly praised by the judges who asked her to give an encore.

This was a fantastic opportunity for the bands, and they showed great courage getting up there and performing. The students also helped the charities by collecting donations from the public. They explained to the public how the funds were used and managed to get people to donate their money generously.

We congratulate all involved-especially Ms Yoyo for her hard work and organisation.