Chinese Field Trips

May 17, 2017

By: Chinese Department

It was a nice sunny day last Thursday April 27. G8 CAL students had a field trip to a China Post office and sent a letter to their friends. They practiced their speaking and made conversation with the post officers. They learnt about the differences between stamp and commemorative stamps and also observed how to send a package.

Our Grade 7 CFL students went on a trip to the Xi Cheng Lane and Shikumen Open House, which are full of old-fashioned Shanghainese style housing.

It is a typical Shanghai lane with 100-year-old history. The lane was wet after a night's rain although not muggy. A middle-aged woman stared at us curiously and we spoke to a man who discussed living in this area. Although we didn't see the tiny shop, which is mentioned in the text the students had studied, we did see pigeons above our heads. They are described by another famous female writer. Although the Shanghai Lanes are modest they are at the same time graceful.

Those who talked to us were from the older generation and some had lived there for more than 70 years. When he saw us he felt excited instead of being shocked. He happily allowed us to go upstairs in his home to visit the balcony. He said that the stairs had been repaired twice. He spoke in Shanghai dialect which our three students could understand fully.

We hope that these buildings will not be taken down because they are our culture.

The next stop was Wulixiang Museum. The furniture was dark, deep and serene. All the beds, cases, tables and chairs created an atmosphere of1930's Shanghai. It was so cool!